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Disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed: A Conversation with Anwen Liu
Somewhere between brilliant playful colours and overt terror lies the now Vancouver-based artist Anwen Liu’s new body of work. She's interested in how those contrasting sides can be used to portray personal narratives. We catch up with Liu to talk about why nightmares can be productive, why it’s important for her to make work that directly involves the viewer/the audience, her natural inclination to build oversize spaces and sculptures, her recent interest in death, and why she’s obsessed with Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared among other talking points.     Luther Konadu: Did people know to grab a piece of your sculpture?   Anwen Liu: I had to stand there the whole time, talk to people and assure them that it was fine to take a bottle of origami stars. I feel like...
Wait a sec., What is an Emerging Artist anyway?
Friday, April 8, 2016 | Luther Konadu
What does it mean to be "Emerging" as an artist/creator?   -Does it have to do with someone in their twenties?   -Someone younger maybe?   -Someone alive?   -Does it count if they are dead?   -If they are seventy?   -If they are have had at least three solo shows in multiple galleries?   -If they’ve just got out of their mfa?   -Or even their bfa?   -Does it have something to do with the art market?   -Are they a art market darling?   -Does it count if their work has been collected by a gallery and museum or maybe a private collector?   -Are they responsive to a hot new medium?   -Are they 'cutting some edges' in a new or old medium?   -Are they tapping into some rigorous conceptual work?   -Are they responding to the 'times'?   -Have...
Studio Visit with Jane Yagi
We sit down with Winnipeg based artist Jane Yagi to talk about luxury problems, chicken wings, shopping at home depot as an artist and the clarity that comes from being specific.